The JB Graduate Programme offers young dancers an opportunity to work with a professional ballet company while simultaneously being exposed to theatre and ballet company-related areas of expertise. The course exposes the Graduate to the world of the professional stage and professional dancers, lighting designers as well as design and costuming. Graduates participate in classes, rehearsals and productions of high professional quality presented by JB.

Graduates will undertake a ‘job-shadow’ in the various non-dance departments of JB which givesthem insight into the workings of a professional ballet company – they will then be required to submit a short report on this experience. The course also includes general office management and Graduates gain experience in public relations by dealing with the public and role-players in the ballet fraternity.  At the end of the one-year course, JB artistic Management will evaluate the Graduate’s progress and accordingly decide whether or not to offer the individual a contract. All Graduates who successfully complete the course, will receive a certificate to this effect.